Untamed Botswana: A Wilderness Experience Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

We are a small and personal company that specializes in private, tailor-made and group travel to Southern Africa, especially Botswana and Victoria Falls. We have spent tremendous amounts of time ourselves, from very tender ages, running around exploring wild Africa and thus have a genuine love and passion for authentic African safaris.

We use our treasured experiences of this side of the world to journey with you deep into Africa’s pristine and wildlife-prolific wilderness areas. We also use the same experiences to plan your African safari getaway to perfection simply because the African bush is where we play and what we know!

The whole essence of a Moonstroll safari is to take you outside of your comfort zone and pit you against nature in the true spirit of authentic African expeditions of the olden days. On a Moonstroll safari you will, therefore, get closer than ever before to Africa’s extraordinary wildlife. You will experience breathtaking sunsets, endless horizons and night skies filled with stars and heavenly bodies of unimaginable brilliance.

Join a Moonstroll safari to discover and revel in what we cherish the most and have in great abundance–Wild Africa!!

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What is a Mobile Camping Safari?

This is a tented camping safari whereby guests are transferred in four wheel drive vehicles from camp to camp. In case of Botswana, these safaris offer affordable African vacations and take guests to some of the best wilderness areas the country has to offer. They are privately guided and therefore usually consist of guests travelling in a small group with a professional guide and a staff complement made up of the safari chef and one or two camp assistants.

These safaris give some of the best safari experiences as they provide access to some of the prime wildlife areas and make use of the private, unfenced, natural campsites to be found within Botswana’s famous game reserves and national Parks.


“It’s all about going back to the basics, back to the way safaris used to be―camping under canvas in the African wilderness, eating under the stars, moving from camp to camp and leaving nothing behind, apart from our footprints.”