Botswana is regarded as having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. 

It is here where one will experience the serenity of an untouched Delta situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, where one will experience the Kgalagadi which will give you the sensation of unending space, pure isolation and, in effect, the ultimate wilderness destination. 

Then again, there is the Makgadikgadi, a desolate area that remains waterless and extremely arid for much of the year and which happens to be one of the largest salt pans in the world. The Makgadikgadi is, in fact, a series of pans that include Sowa Pans, Ntwete Pans, Nxai Pans, etc. 

We should never forget Moremi Game Reserve, a place of indescribable beauty, of varied landscapes from floodplains, lagoons, grasslands, riverine forests to mophane woodland, or the Khwai, a predator rich concession area on the outskirts of Moremi Game Reserve. Further north and one of the most visited of Botswana’s big game country, is the Chobe National Park with its floodplains, swamps and woodland supporting a diversity and concentration of wildlife unparalleled anywhere else in the country, and the Savuti-an area of many curiosities! 

“Thus Botswana with her vast expanses of uninhabited wilderness, prolific wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, and night skies filled with stars and heavenly bodies of inconceivable brilliance will put you in touch with your natural self.”